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96 7&/563*/(  065 1&%"-108&3 Pedaling is a popular way to navigate beach communities in Southern California, but it’s not just bicycles that combine transportation with a leg-defining workout. On land, single-or double-seat low-rider pedal carts are a sporty way to cruise the beach bike path. A sunset pedal in a sur-rey for two is a romantic date, or you can fit the whole family on a surrey that seats up to six. All of these are available from multiple rental vendors along the paved coastal trail. Pedal boats have been popular attractions on park ponds for decades, and you’ll find them here too, including the ones at Balboa Boat Rental in Newport Beach that convert to a lounger for sunbathing on the water. OEX in Sunset Beach will rent you a leg-powered single or double kayak for exploring the canals and marina at Huntington Harbor. The latest water-pedal craze is the hydro-bike, which is like riding a bicycle on water, only easier. A bike frame is mounted on pontoons, so you sit high above the water for a great view of the surround-ing scenery. The hydrobike moves faster through the water, so you can explore more territory than a pedal boat or kayak with the same amount of effort. Balboa Boat Rentals to the south rents hydrobikes for exploring Newport Harbor and Long Beach Hydrobikes to the north lets you explore the Naples Canals and Alamitos Bay in Long Beach. Christopher Villano

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